Art Deco Bar


Ahh, the wonders of eBay. My wife found an Art Deco bar for sale and we won it. The really cool part about is it, well cool. It has a built-in custom refrigerator. It looks very old, but we were told it still works. The outside of the fridge is made of plywood, and has suffered water damage over the years. The seller thought it came from liquid spilled in the fridge, it may also have come from condensation. Given the fact that the leather and exterior wood are in good condition I don't think it was in a wet basement. There's a long story about its trip home, but suffice it to say once here we think it's the perfect start for our A/V room. Here are a few pictures, but the entire gallery can be found here.

From the listing

One of the stools
In our basement The original compressor Drawer detail