Wings Of Freedom 2002 Airshow



    Once again the city of Frederick put on a wonderful airshow. It was hot, but worth the sweat. I wondered how things would be post-911, but a bag check was all that was different. As the Frederick municipal airport has a National Guard wing, there were always plenty of people with guns.

    I rode the Ninja up there, as I remember some good motorcycle parking areas from previous shows. Of course, I was the only non-Harley in the parking lot!

    Here are the pictures I took. I don't have captions for all of them. There were a lot of WWII-era vehicles, and I didn't get info on too many. Maybe you know what that are and can email me. I took video, but haven't captured it yet. Check back later.

Guess which one is mine C-123 Provider DC-4
TBM Avenger
Flightline They had tanks, too
Period scenes Bikes, too WWII BMW
1942 Harley was ridden in a re-enactment
They had planes!

 More Airshow pictures