I bought my ZX-9 new in September of 2000. I had an '86 Ninja that I crashed in '98. I really lliked that bike, so a new Ninja was the obvious choice. As you can see from my picture of my old bike, getting on the racetrack is one of my favorite pastimes. Here are some of my exploits on my new Ninja.

As far as modifications go, I've had the undercowl painted and I've installed a seat cowl. Next I plan to install flush-mount front turn signals. That's about it. I've spooned on Bridgestone BT-010's to replace my old Dunlop 207's. I like them. I'll probably put heavier fork springs in next season. I don't plan to pipe it, although Mike and Edge Motorsports keeps bugging me.

Update: I sold the puppy, and it was subsequently stolen and crashed. I'm saddened. It was a very good bike to me, and ended up a statistic.


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Brake Upgrade For Sale Crashed